What is a press release, and what is its purpose?

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A press release is an official statement that an organization distributes to news outlets or the public. It’s a formal way to collect all information relevant to a story into a one-page source. A press release’s function is to attract media attention.

When should a press release be created or used?

Press releases should be created any time an organization wants media attention for a major event. They can also be used to shape the narrative when a company or organization is facing scrutiny. These events could include:

  1. Changes in executive-level leadership
  2. Launch of a new product
  3. Public and private events
  4. Funding announcements
  5. Breaking news
  6. Groundbreakings and grand opening

How is a press release different from other company announcements?

Press releases are more than formal announcements. In journalism and historically accurate writing, a press release is considered a primary source. They are original documents containing official information. Press releases are also different from other announcements because they’re written in a specific way, with the objective of being picked up and reported on by media outlets. 

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